Content Creation

The style and the message in the content you contribute need to be geared to your audience. The motivation should always be: “How can I make this content a unique experience for my audience, instead of yet another post?” 

That’s the motivation that drives Proximite’s content creation strategy. Be it blogs, website content, technical content, or social media content, we are particular about every last detail. 

We also believe in curating diverse forms of content: written, visual, and audiovisual. When it comes to written content, we specialise in services like ghostwriting, copywriting, and storytelling. And our audiovisual content is crafted by our skilled graphics design team, always aimed at making lasting impressions.

Marketing Solutions

Digital marketing is the name of the business game today. At the Proximite Group, we have and continue to closely explore the tools of digital marketing and its constantly evolving applications.

We are quick to recognise the the versatile worth of SEO, web development, social media marketing, and email campaigns, and are always drawing up creative ways to extract the best use out of them. From pay-per-clicks to affiliate marketing, we stay on top of recent and buzzing trends in this field, while also discerning what their exact merits are.

Business Solutions

A business without the right networking approach is a flawed concept altogether. 

Proximite expertly identifies the strategies and avenues of goal-oriented networking. As a full-fledged consultancy that offers IT support, we administer well-founded solutions that help in brand building and customer relationship management. 

We also believe in creatively positioning a brand through effective logo designs and other forms of digital iconography. 

Like we said, being ample and updated in our services is a non-negotiable Proximite ethic.

Education Consulting

From collaborative services to international institutions to educational planning and consultancy, Proximite is highly equipped on all fronts with regards to education consulting. 

Course selection and admissions feel like a complicated process, when you are not backed by the proper resources. Given our tie-ups with esteemed academic centres and universities, we are able to represent both candidates and institutions to bring about meaningful enrollments.

Event Management

Experience unforgettable celebrations with Proximite Events, your premier event management partner. From weddings to corporate gatherings and repetitive/periodic events, we specialize in creating seamless and impactful experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Elevate your brand with meticulously planned and executed corporate events, while our innovative touch breathes new life into annual parties and galas. With Proximite Events, your occasions become synonymous with good times and cherished memories, infused with joy, laughter, and a sense of wonder. Trust our dedicated team to exceed your expectations and make your event truly exceptional.

Our Key Offerings

Proximite is particularly keen about the following avenues. As a collective, we’ve clocked a lot of time in the research and development on the backend of these areas.

Content Creation

How does one consistently generate substantial and original content in the digital era? We’ll tell you. Better yet, we can show you. Leave all your content needs to Proximite and rest assured that we know what we’re doing!

Website and App Development

It’s the golden age of online branding and you shouldn’t miss out. Proximite specialises in creating a web presence for your brand; one that reflects your style and your message in the best possible way.  

SEO optimisation​

Make your content accessible, noticeable, and consumable. We help you get to know your audiences better through the subtle art of analytics. Find your brand featured higher up on the internet’s ranking systems.

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