In-House Projects

This is a content-centric online publication; a diverse website that covers the latest developments from Technology, Business, Lifestyle and Culture. Dive into a crisp selection of writings where original perspectives have factual depth.
An exclusive online destination for all women and all things women. Femsphere facilitates new discussions on a range of subjects, creatively welcoming women’s thoughts and insights.
Discover a one-of-a-kind talk show that rolls out its red carpet to the extraordinary stories of the ordinary individual. If you enjoy a lighthearted, soulful, and sometimes-zany series, then this is your jam.
Aam Aadmi Podcast
As an online wholesale retailer, P4Pack runs a packaging service that helps any business get on the move. Based in the UAE, P4Pack offers all kinds of quality packaging supplies to companies and clients. Orders are accepted for diverse requirements ranging anywhere from minimal to bulk volumes.
The education-oriented content forum that upholds elevated standards. This is the premiere hub for students and their parents who are in pursuit of the right university. Find your up-to-date bulletin for all things related to higher studies, at Erudmite.
This is the grand centre for all technology solutions.
Deploying Open Source and Linux-based applications in complex and business environments is our speciality. Ctrl Alt Del helps customers securely regain control of their data.
Garmite is a line of apparel aimed at the new generation. The styles are young, adventurous, and fresh—created to make the ultimate statement in every piece of clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Proximite, we believe in offering services that we are already richly experienced in. Our in-house projects began out of an earnest passion to see for ourselves the extent of success we could aspire towards, using the same services and technical expertise we deliver to our clients. This has given us extensive insight and valuable learning in the areas of content creation, digital marketing, online community building, and so much more.

Questmite is our content-based online publication. It is a dynamic website featuring cleverly crafted content from Technology, Business, Lifestyle and Culture. Both latest developments as well as historic findings receive a thorough shakedown here. What results is a top-notch reserve of articles that skilfully merge the hard-hitting nature of facts with the impressive depth of original perspective.

Ever wanted to tune into some real conversation, where open-mindedness is the norm? That’s the Aam Aadmi Podcast for you. Aiming to spotlight the greatness within the (seemingly) ordinary, this is a show where host and guest rip open any subject under the sun and dive heartily into its deepest layers. This is where you’ll find liberated dialogue between grownups who are willing to share a comfortable and healthy rapport, no matter what their worldviews are. 

Femsphere is an online community for all women, which promises a safe, vetted, and diverse space where a worldwide sisterhood can grow organically. Finally, a platform where women can be themselves, speak their mind, find support, seek professional help, or simply observe the goings-on from a distance!

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