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Get the right Business Solutions

Proximite is where your ideas meet our support and become a reality. A dynamic space for all your projects to effectively find the path that you envision for them.

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Get the right Business Solutions

Proximite is where your ideas meet our support and become a reality. A dynamic space for all your projects to effectively find the path that you envision for them.

Our Core Services

With a team of experienced professionals, we operate as a solutions company, a consultancy, and a media house.

Content Creation

Proximite both develops its in-house content-based projects and also extends its services to the projects of its diverse clientele.

Business Solutions

If your networking is not working, you need to take a closer look at your business approach. Get that optimal consultancy from Proximite to access a clear vision of your customer relationship management and all the ways it can be enhanced.

Marketing Solutions

In a world where business competition is all about getting the word out in the best possible way, digital marketing has proven itself enormously relevant. And Proximite is that destination where all forms of digital marketing are painstakingly customised down to the last detail.

Education Consulting

We operate as a bridge between esteemed international universities and prospective candidates. Our partnerships with top-tier institutions make us a cornerstone for academic consulting.

Event Management

We bring to you unforgettable celebrations for weddings, corporate gatherings, and repetitive events. Elevate your brand with meticulously planned experiences, infused with joy and a sense of wonder.

Our Brands

How we Work

Our wide-ranging experience, our network of tie-ups, and our passion to set ideas into motion come together in all our approaches.

A team of experienced professionals

A team of experienced professionals

The Proximite passion is to closely examine the individual needs of our clients, accurately identify further requirements, carry out all the necessary groundwork, suggest clear-cut solutions, and also follow through with their implementation as needed. 

Our Key Offerings

Proximite is particularly keen about the following avenues. As a collective, we’ve clocked a lot of time in the research and development on the backend of these areas.

Content Creation

How does one consistently generate substantial and original content in the digital era? We’ll tell you. Better yet, we can show you. Leave all your content needs to Proximite and rest assured that we know what we’re doing!

Website and App Development

It’s the golden age of online branding and you shouldn’t miss out. Proximite specialises in creating a web presence for your brand; one that reflects your style and your message in the best possible way.  

SEO optimisation​

Make your content accessible, noticeable, and consumable. We help you get to know your audiences better through the subtle art of analytics. Find your brand featured higher up on the internet’s ranking systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been there and done that more times than we can count. Our research, our mistakes, and our game plan are all part of the curve, through which we’ve perfected honest and relevant solutions for our clients.

Because the web is the choicest playing field in the world of business today. So many options and resources lay untapped, which Proximite is always able to identify and optimise for your needs.

Proximite Group is headquartered in Dubai. Our clients reach us from all over the world, particularly, the Middle East and India.

Whenever you need the best possible visibility and guidance in navigating a new venture, Proximite is the way to go. We pride ourselves on being able to provide technical, business-driven, and content-based support at an elevated level.

Proximite aspires to become the benchmark for business consulting and media production internationally. Our aim is to grow projects from dreams to widely successful establishments.

Our principles dictate our path at every point. That means we only offer our services only where we feel we’d be able to deliver at the highest level. Being a team of young minds, we value the art and science of exploring, re-evaluating, and updating ourselves. This is what gives us confidence as a consultancy. 

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