About us

We understand the way businesses grow with the help of marketing and technology like nobody else.

That’s what keeps us ahead in the game. That’s what makes us a valuable resource to businesses internationally. And that’s how we know our strategies work for our clients on a personalised level. We only offer solutions that we are highly proficient in and able to deliver in spades.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the benchmark for business and education consulting, as well as media production; an endless reserve of well-aimed and well-founded corporate services.

Our Mission

We’re here to consistently deliver quality solution consultation for content creation, marketing, IT projects, and education. Our motto is to keep elevating the standards of business as we know it, using innovative yet relevant approaches.

A team of experienced professionals

The Proximite passion is to closely examine the individual needs of our clients, accurately identify further requirements, carry out all the necessary groundwork, suggest clear-cut solutions, and also follow through with their implementation as needed. 

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